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Concept Housewares Pot Racks
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More than 10 years ago, Concept Housewares emerged on the housewares scene, debuting their first line of pot racks. From the start, the brand's inspiration has always been to create simplified looks that will blend in with a variety of decors, but be incredibly useful to homeowners who are looking for real storage solutions for their kitchen spaces.

The brand offers pot racks that look beautiful in everything from spacious modern homes with open floor plans to quaint country kitchens. The brand's products are crafted for quality, but still affordable enough to fit into most budgets. In fact, the majority of the styles sold by the brand are priced at around $450 or less.

To introduce you to the affordable, practical racks and other home furnishings products produced by the brand, we created our Buyers' Guide to Concept Housewares Pot Racks. When we wrote this guide, we used questions that customers like you commonly ask us as they shop for Concept Housewares racks on our site. We recommend that you read over the guide in its entirety and even save the page, so that you can easily access it again if you need to review any of the details provided in the text.

What styles of racks does the brand carry?

Concept Housewares manufactures both hanging and wall mount styles. Before you begin shopping for your rack, you'll need to determine what style will work the best in your home. Use the following line of questions to help you decide.

  1. Is there a blank wall that has at least 3 to 4 feet of space available?

    If not, you will need to select a hanging style. If so, continue to Question 2.

  2. Do you have any type of decoration on your ceilings? Examples would include a bulkhead, decorative overhead lighting like a chandelier or intricate textures in the plasterwork on your ceiling.

    If so, you may want to consider a wall mounted style so as not to detract from your existing decor. If you do not or you are not concerned about competing with the decorative elements, continue to Question 3.

  3. Do you have both drywall ceilings and walls?

    If so, skip to Question 6. If not, continue to question 4.

  4. Are either your walls or your ceiling made from plaster?

    Plaster walls and ceilings will require you to hire a contractor to help you find a safe installation location in your kitchen. If either your walls or your ceiling are plaster, you may want to opt for the pot rack style that will allow you to use the surface made from another material. If this is not a concern, keep reading through the guide.

  5. Are either your walls or your ceiling made from masonry?

    Masonry walls and ceilings will need special tools to install a pot rack safely, making it necessary to enlist the help of a stonemason for installation. If either your walls or your ceiling are masonry, you may want to opt for the style that will allow you to use the surface made from another material. If this is not a concern, keep reading through the guide.

  6. Do you have drop ceilings in your home?

    If you have drop ceilings, you will have some extra steps involved in installation to remove the ceiling tiles. You'll also likely need extra chain to ensure that you can hang the rack from the true ceiling down past the tiles and into your kitchen space. For a faster installation, you may want to consider a wall style. If this is not a concern, continue reading the guide.

  7. When are you most likely to reach for the stored items on your rack? Which location is the nearest to whatever work area in your kitchen you are typically in at that time?

    If one style of rack is more convenient than the other, opt for it. If not, continue reading.

  8. Which style can be hung in the location closest to where your cookware is currently stored?

    If everything else is equal, you may want to choose the style based on which is nearer to where you keep your pots and pans now. Doing so will mean a quicker adjustment to using your new piece.

How do I know what size piece to select from the brandís collection?

To determine what size of Concept Housewares rack will be the best for your home, you first need to locate the ceiling joists or wall studs. These wooden beams are necessary to anchor your rack securely to the ceiling or wall.

If you have drywall walls and ceilings, the locations of both wall studs and ceiling joists can be found using a tool known as a stud finder. If you don't have one at home, you can pick one up for a relatively low price at most hardware stores, discount department stores and home improvement centers. Using a stud finder is easy, though the exact method of operation will vary from model to model.

Generally, you will run the flat underside of the stud finder from right to left along your wall or ceiling. Inside of the stud finder, there is either a series of magnets that can sense the presence of nails in the studs or joists, or there is a sensor that can detect difference in dielectric energy under the wall, signaling the presence of a joist or stud. When you pass the stud finder over a beam, it will alert you through a message on a screen, a colored light or a sound.

After locating the wall studs, use our Buyers' Guide to Wall Racks to guide you through the process. If you are opting for a hanging style, review our Buyers' Guide to Hanging Racks for detailed measuring instructions.

What lines of racks are available from Concept Housewares?

The brand offers two main lines of racks. The first is its Stainless Steel Storage line, which features both hanging and wall styles with a natural silver tone stainless steel appearance. All of the items in the line have chrome-plated grids and cast aluminum hooks. The finish featured in the line is a brushed tone to reduce the number of fingerprints and smudges that appear on their surfaces.

The second line is the Cookware Storage Collection, which has wall and hanging styles in other finishes as well. Like the Stainless Steel Storage line, this collection has chrome-plated grids where applicable and cast-iron hooks.

What shapes are available from the brand?

Both the Stainless Steel Storage and Cookware Storage Collections feature hanging and wall mounted bar styles, which consist of a bar outfitted with hooks for hanging pots and pans. Rectangular hanging styles are available in the Cookware Storage Collection, while the Stainless Steel Storage range has both wall mount and hanging rectangular racks. Hanging square styles are available in both collections, and oval hanging and wall styles are included in the Stainless Steel Storage line.

What finishes does the brand offer?

In the Cookware Storage Collections, the styles are crafted from hardwood. There are three finishes available: natural, charcoal gray and espresso. Not every style in the range comes in every finish, so you'll need to read the product descriptions carefully to determine what is available for a particular model.

What types of hooks does the brand make?

Concept Housewares offers cast aluminum hooks in a variety of shapes. There's the S-hook, shaped like the letter "S" to prevent the hook from lifting off of the rack when you remove a pot or pan. The brand also makes J-hooks for cookware with wider handles and molded hooks designed for both pots and pans. In addition, the brand makes a unique swivel hook, which makes it possible to face the hook in different directions to orient your cookware the ideal way. You'll also find standard C-Links and curved C-Links in the brand's hardware range.

What accessories do the brand racks come with?

All CoHo models will come with the standard hanging and mounting hardware necessary to securely install your piece in a typical ceiling or wall. There is also a starter supply of hooks with more available for purchase separately. The styles designed to accommodate grids have the grids included with no need to buy an extra piece.

What other products is the company known for?

The brand has manufactured Asian cookware products since 2008. Its housewares collection also includes wine racks. Wall and hanging styles that hold six to eight bottles as well as glasses are available from the brand. These pieces are crafted from wood and are available in a natural finish. Some also have the option of a chocolate brown espresso finish as well. Metal standing and wall styles with a matte black finish and elaborate scroll work patterns are also included in the lineup.