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Glossary of Pot Rack Terms

  • Bookshelf Pot Rack: a pot rack with a grid or shelf that extends to accommodate books or pots.

  • Ceiling Joists: a piece of wood or metal used in construction of a building to help create the ceiling framework. Ceiling joists are built to hold a lot of weight and are perfect for mounting larger storage or fixtures. Please find your ceiling joists before mounting a Hanging Pot Rack!

  • Ceiling Plate: a metal plate used to mount the pot rack into the ceiling, when the pot rack will not mount correctly into ceiling joists. Ceiling plates can be finished to match the pot rack.

  • Ceiling Screws: screws made to hold pot racks in ceiling joists.

  • Chain: used to hang your pot rack from the ceiling. Chain is often sold by the foot.

  • Electroplating: a process which uses electrical current to form a solution and "plate" a metal or protective coating on the surface of another material. In our case, we use electroplating on some of our pot racks to plate shiny metallic finishes on to steel pot racks.

  • Extension Hooks: similar to hanging rods, extension hooks help lower the pot rack from the ceiling.

  • Hanger Rods: rods which hook onto your hanging pot rack to extend it from the ceiling.

  • Hanging Links: special links which can be hooked together to lower the pot rack from the ceiling in specific increments.

  • Hanging Pot Rack: a pot rack installed into ceiling joists to hang from the ceiling.

  • Lighted Pot Rack: a pot rack which features lights or a lighting kit to help illuminate the work area. Lighted pot racks come with special installation instructions, and will need to be installed by an electrician.

  • Pot Hooks: hooks which hook onto the pot rack (sometimes in specific places) to hold pots, pans, and utensils on the pot rack.

  • Pot Rack: a metal or wood rack designed specifically to hold pots, pans, and utensils to easier storage and reach during cooking.

  • S-Hooks: a specific type of pot hook shaped like an S; these pot hooks are made for pot racks with grids, and will not fit on other types of pot racks.

  • Utensil Bar: a bar made to hold utensils, and sometimes smaller pots and pans. They are often a simple bar of metal that mounts into a wall or hangs from the ceiling.

  • Wall Mounted Pot Rack: a pot rack installed into wall studs to create extra storage in unused wall space.

  • Wall Studs: like ceiling joists, wall studs are planks of wood or metal used in buildings to create a sturdy framework, and are very useful for mounting large storage or fixtures. Please find your wall studs before mounting a Wall Mounted Pot Rack!

  • Dimensional Conventions:

    Length: Measument from Left to Right

    Width: Measument from Front to Back

    Height: Measument from Top to Bottom