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Oval Pot Racks
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    Oval pot racks have an attractive, balanced shape that enhances virtually any decor, and with the large surface areas of their grates and frames, offer plenty of space for storing your cookware collection. The appeal of oval shaped racks makes them one of the most popular shapes found in today's lineups, and manufacturers offer the style in a wide variety of models.

    We created our Buyers' Guide to Oval Pot Racks to help you select the perfect piece for your home kitchen. The guide is designed around the common questions that we receive from customers who are shopping for oval shaped racks and is intended to serve as a resource both before and during the shopping process.

    How do I know whether a wall or hanging style will be best for my home?

    Deciding whether a hanging or a wall style will work the best in your home kitchen is a great way to begin shopping, as the determination will quickly eliminate a large number of styles from consideration. Start by evaluating the space in your kitchen. For a wall rack, you'll need adequate room along your walls either above an appliance, sink or cabinet or in a completely open area. If you don't have adequate wall space, a hanging style will be your only option.

    In kitchens where you have ample wall space, think about how you prefer to work in your kitchen. Will the hanging or the wall location be more centrally located? Which is closer to the area where you currently keep your pots and pans? What spot would be the closest within reach to your preferred working area?

    Lastly, consider the types of walls and ceilings that are in your home. While you can use a wall or a hanging oval style on any type of wall or ceiling material, plaster and masonry walls will likely require professional assistance. In addition, drop ceilings will usually need additional chains and extra labor for hanging styles. If one style of rack will be less labor intensive or simpler for do-it-yourself installation than the other, you may want to opt for it.

    How do I know what length my oval pot rack should be?

    If you have opted for a hanging style for your oblong rack, you'll want to measure the working area or object over which you intend to hang your rack. Use a measuring tape to record the distance from corner to corner across the front of the working area or object. Then, subtract 12 inches to allow for safe clearance on both the right and left of the hanging rack.

    For a wall style, you'll first need to locate the studs in your walls using a tool known as a stud finder. Make pencil marks on the locations of the studs and then use a measuring tape to determine the distance between them to ascertain the correct length for your kitchen. Make sure you leave six inches of space between the end of the frame and the adjacent wall, appliance or cabinet or any other item that will be located beside the frame.

    How do I know what width my rack should be?

    As you consider the dimensions for a hanging style, measure the width of the working area or object that will be directly beneath the piece. Measure from corner to corner along one of the sides of the area or object. Then, subtract 12 inches from the measurement to allow for clearance at both the front and back of the frame.

    With wall styles, you'll want to ensure that the width of your oval rack does not cause it to extend into a walkway, where it might cause a hazard. Measure from the wall to the walkway and subtract 6 inches to provide adequate clearance. Remember that 30 to 36 inches of space is generally required for a safe walkway through a kitchen.

    How do I know what height my rack should be?

    After locating the studs in your walls, read over the directions in our Buyers Guide to Wall Styles in order to determine the perfect height for your kitchen.

    If you have chosen a hanging style, you'll need to locate the ceiling joists with a stud finder before measuring for the height. Then, consult our Buyers' Guide to Hanging Styles for measuring instructions.

    What is the difference between the finish and the material of my rack?

    Some customers get confused when it comes to the differences between these two terms. The materials are the actual metals or wood from which a rack is made. The finish refers to the look or appearance of the piece. In some cases, the materials and the finish will be identical, such as in a stainless steel rack that shows off the natural silver color of the metal.

    In other cases, however, the finish may refer to a color of paint or a special treatment applied to the base metal, such as electroplating.

    What finishes are available in oval rack styles?

    Today's manufacturers produce oblong racks in nine basic finishes. To determine which is best for your home, you'll want to consider the overall look of the finish and the colors of your decor, including those found in your counter tops, appliances, cabinetry and cabinetry hardware. You may also want to take into consideration the necessary cleaning and maintenance for the various types of finishes.

    • Hammered steel is created by treating ordinary carbon steel in order to distress its surface. As a result of the treatments, the steel has an intentional tarnish known as a patina, which gives it a dark gray color. Most hammered steel racks have a protective coating to keep the patina in place, which also makes the piece resistant to tarnishing and rust.

    • Stainless steel racks are silver in color and show off the gleam of the metal. The alloys present in stainless steel make it resistant to tarnishing; however, if you use a harsh cleaner or the frame is heavily used, it is possible for rust to develop. This can be removed with an everyday rust cleaner.

    • Iron or wrought iron racks are made from a metal with less carbon content than steel that is treated to give it a dark black color. Often, the iron is covered with a protective coating to preserve the color and to prevent rusting.

    • Copper racks are reddish-gold in color and may be either solid copper or copper electroplating placed atop another metal. Oval pot racks that are made of solid copper have the potential to tarnish. This discoloration can generally be removed with a high quality copper cleaner. Electroplated copper models are less susceptible to tarnishing though can be cleaned with the same cleaning product in the event that discoloration does develop.

    • Chrome racks are silver in color like stainless steel and usually highly reflective. The majority of styles made from chrome feature electroplating rather than being crafted entirely from the metal. The electroplating makes the rack generally resistant to tarnishing

    • Brass racks are a brilliant gold color and have a high degree of shine. Like copper and chrome, brass racks can be crafted entirely from the metal, but more commonly, feature electroplating to reduce the risk of tarnishing. If you do notice discoloration on a brass rack, use a mild jewelry cleaner to remove the tarnish.

    • Wood racks are crafted from a hardwood like American cherry or maple and look appealing when paired with matching or highly contrasting flooring and cabinetry. Often, the wood is left natural to highlight the attractive grain, but it may also be painted. A mild soap added to water or a dry cloth is best for keeping the dust off of a wood rack.

    • Painted racks feature metal covered with paint. This paint may be intended to make the metal resemble another metal, such as copper or hammered steel. Alternatively, the color may be a shade like red or blue and intended to coordinate or contrast with the palette in a kitchen. Always use soap and water when cleaning painted racks to avoid damaging the finish.

    Are there any special features available in oval rack styles?

    Yes, some oval shaped racks do offer some special features that make them appealing to some of our customers. One of the most popular of these is lighting, which helps minimize the shadows cast by hanging models onto your work surface. Lights in oval racks can be built-in and only noticeable when illuminated, or the rack may have a candelabra style that makes it resemble a lighting fixture.

    Another feature that you'll find in both hanging and wall styles is a design that allows you to use the top of the pot rack as a shelf for storing additional cookware, tools, equipment or decorative items.