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Rainsford and Gale Pot Racks
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Located in Hingham, Massachusetts, Rainsford and Gale is a leading designer and manufacturer of pot racks. The company's lineup includes styles intended not only to store your entire cookware collection, but also to add to your decor through the inclusion of stylish, surprising touches that bring charm and beauty to any kitchen.

We designed our Buyers' Guide to Rainsford and Gale Pot Racks as the perfect shopping companion for those just discovering the brand. The guide is based upon the questions that we commonly receive from customers just like you who admire the fine quality craftsmanship and exquisite details of the brand's rack collection. By the time you finish reading this guide, you'll have a thorough understanding of the major features of the brandís pot racks and will be ready to select the perfect one for your home.

What styles of racks do they make?

The brand produces both hanging and wall styles. The wall styles feature a shelf that rests upon a decorative wall plate. The styles typically come with 12 hooks that can be used to suspend pots and pans from below the shelf, and you can place more cookware or decorative items on the ledge itself.

The wall style is perfect for kitchens where you have available wall space and in those where a plaster or masonry ceiling would require professional assistance with installation. The shape of the brandís wall styles allows them to look great when used alone or when arranged one above the other.

In hanging styles, the brand offers three unique looks. The first is a rectangular shape with raised sides that makes the rack resemble an angled basket or bin. The sides are adorned with decorative elements, including stars, sea creatures, oak leaves and scrolls. The second look available in the R&G hanging styles is the Moderne, which has a sleek V-shape, and a clean-looking metal frame. The final style is the Cosmopolitan, which is a whimsical open style that features curved and straight bars on its frame and playful, circular embellishments.

All of the hanging styles include 12 hooks for hanging pots and pans. The bin styles double as shelves to provide extra storage. You'll want to opt for a hanging style in any kitchen where wall space is limited as well as in rooms where the layout makes a hanging rack more centrally located for easy reaching during food preparation.

What makes the brandís racks different than those made by other brands?

All of the the brandís racks are made from only the absolute finest materials and are shaped and built by individual craftsmen rather than through an assembly line of unskilled workers. This allows for much greater attention to detail with products inspected every step of the way to ensure that every piece that receives the brand name is of the utmost quality.

In the brand's hanging styles, four iron rings are welded to the frame, rather than two, which is the standard for most brands. The benefit of the two additional rings becomes clear when you take into consideration how a frame supports the weight of your pots and pans. As you hang your cookware from hooks in the grates of a frame or place them upon the grate, the weight of the pieces pulls down upon the frame. The strength of the frame comes from that of the hooks or links that attach the chain to the rack. For each hook that is added, you are able to increase the weight of the items stored by an amount equal to the weight capacity of that hook.

Since the brandís racks have two more iron rings, hooks and chains than most other brands, they can bear twice as much weight. Each rack weighs approximately 30 pounds and can hold up to 450 pounds worth of cookware. That's 15 times the weight of the rack! Since the heaviest pots and pans typically weigh anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds, you can easily store a very large cookware collection on one of the brandís racks, all because of the inclusion of those two additional heavy duty iron rings. The extra strength also increases the safety in your kitchen and greatly reduces the risk of accidents. *

As a testament to their fine craftsmanship, the company offers a three-year manufacturer's warranty on all of its racks. Warranty information is included along with installation directions and care instructions in every model's packaging.

How do I measure to ensure that a particular rack will fit in my available space?

Before measuring for either a wall or hanging style, you'll need to take into consideration precisely where the piece will be placed. Secure installation of any rack relies on a firm anchor to a solid support within a wall or ceiling. The firmest anchor will always be the frames that form the ceiling and walls, which are known as the joists and studs, respectively. For drywall ceilings and walls, you can locate the studs yourself by using a tool called a stud finder. This tool is simply passed slowly over the wall or ceiling until an LED indicator, light or sound alerts you that you that the stud finder is directly above either a joist or stud.

If you have plaster on your ceilings or walls, the studs will be located further back in the space and will require the help of a contractor to be located. For masonry walls and ceilings, contact a stonemason or contractor for assistance with choosing the best installation spot, as these surfaces require special drill bits and expertise to be performed properly. In kitchens with drop ceilings, you'll need to shift the ceiling tiles aside to find the joists in the true ceiling hidden beneath.

For detailed measuring instructions visit our Buyers' Guide to Hanging Racks or our Buyers' Guide to Wall Racks. Both guides feature step-by-step instructions that will make measuring for the length, width and height of your Rack a simple task.

What is the wrought iron used in Rainsford and Gale pot racks?

Wrought iron is a low carbon metal that has a unique grain that gives it a texture that is less sleek than other types of metals. The wrought iron used for the brandís racks is coated with a powder and then baked at extremely high temperatures to produce a deep black finish that has tiny flecks of brown for added appeal. The metal has a matte look that does not show dust the way a reflective metal can. The brand refers to the finish on its wrought iron racks as "dark wrought."

What is the stainless steel used in the brandís racks?

The brand uses type 302 and type 304 stainless steel in some of its rack designs. These two types of steel are both part of the austenitic class, which consists of iron, carbon, 12 percent chromium and either nickel or manganese. Stainless steel has a brilliant, eye-catching silver color, and in Rainsford and Gale pot racks, is buffed to create a luminescent finish. This gives the racks a noticeable gleam while still making fingerprints and dust less visible than with a mirror finish.

What finishes do the brandís racks come in?

The Cosmopolitan rack comes in a red painted finish that brings a splash of color to your kitchen. The Moderne is available in both stainless steel and dark wrought. The basket style hanging racks and all of the wall styles feature the dark wrought finish.

What do the brandís racks come with?

Hanging style racks from the brand come with 12 pot hooks; 4 ceiling eye hooks and 8, 3.5-inch hanger links. The hooks have an "S" shape, which allows the end that attaches to the frame to cling tightly and prevent lifting off when you remove or slip on a pot or pan. The brandís wall styles come with 12 S hooks and 4 wall lag screws for installation. In both the hanging and wall styles, the accessories are designed to match the finish of the racks. Additional hooks are available for purchase.

How do I care for my new rack?

Rainsford and Gale racks can be cleaned with regular soap and water. You can also remove any dust, fingerprints and smudges with a dry microfiber cloth. Never use any type of chemical cleaner or abrasive cleanser on the painted Cosmopolitan rack as this could remove the paint.

The racks are resistant to rusting, but with extremely heavy use or exposure to a harsh cleaning agent, rust could develop. If this occurs with a wrought iron or stainless steel rack, use a rust remover that is labeled as safe for the material to wipe away the discoloration. For a painted rack, you'll need to rub vigorously with regular soap and water.

*Please follow all installation instructions and be sure to secure your rack firmly into ceiling joists or wall studs. For best results, we recommend distributing the weight on your rack. Do not hang all your pots and pans from one part of the rack; it is better to spread them out.