Pot Rack Source offers free ground shipping to any state within the contiguous US! This saves you money and means you don’t have to worry about additional costs being added on at checkout. The price you see listed for the product is the total price. For many of our heavier and larger items, normal freight costs can add up to hundreds of dollars. We are proud to be able to save you that expense when you order from us.*


Some heavier or larger items can only be shipped ground freight. Freight shipments will be delivered by a common carrier, a truck freight company, and typically take 7-14 days to arrive at your curbside. Freight shipments cannot be expedited. When your item is ready for delivery, the freight company will notify you by phone to arrange a delivery date and time. Typically, the freight company will give you a four-hour window of time for delivery, and someone must be home (or at your delivery destination) during this window in order for the item to be delivered. During delivery, the freight company is not responsible for carrying the item off the truck and into the building, so the driver may or may not assist you with moving your package(s) indoors. For heavier and larger items, we recommend that you have someone available to assist you. The freight company may offer additional service options, such as liftgate (getting the item off the truck and onto the curb), inside delivery and assembly, for an additional service fee. You can arrange for these services directly with the freight company when delivery arrangements are made. You will be responsible for paying the freight company directly for those services.

PLEASE NOTE: For all freight shipments, you MUST immediately inspect the package for potential damage at the time of delivery. While it is normal for cartons to show some wear, if it is clear that damage to the item has occurred, please write “PRODUCT DAMAGED” on the sheet that the freight company asks you to sign, do not accept the delivery and contact us immediately at 1-888-258-8970. Once you contact us, we will work together with the freight company to determine whether the item is damaged and identify the source of the damage. If it is clear that the item is in fact damaged, we will make arrangements to have a replacement sent out to you and have the original item returned. If it is determined that the item is not in fact damaged, the item will be re-delivered to you.

When accepting a freight shipment, it is very important that you note any damage at the time of delivery in order to facilitate the damage claim process. When damage is noted only after the item has been accepted for delivery free and clear, you may need to file a concealed damage claim with the freight company. If, after accepting delivery, you discover concealed damage that was not apparent at the time the item was delivered, please contact us immediately at 1-888-258-8970 so we can assist you. Please also be sure to keep all the original boxes and packaging until your damage claim is resolved. In cases where only part of your item is damaged, we may be able to send out a replacement part, although for some items that may not be possible. In cases where sending out replacement parts is not an option, we will help you file a concealed damage claim with the freight company, for full or partial compensation. All damage claims are time sensitive and must be reported no later than 7 business days after the item is received. We regret that we cannot accommodate damage claims that come in more than 7 business days after delivery. Please note, for concealed damage or loss claims, the freight company may or may not award compensation for the damage or loss. If you or your representative has signed for the delivery and accepted it free and clear without noting damage or loss at the time of delivery, the decision to award compensation is up to the discretion of the freight company.


Once your item leaves the warehouse, it should arrive in 7 business days or less. The amount of time it takes for an item to leave our warehouse—the processing time—varies by item. To find specific processing times for your item, please see the individual product details.

*Please note: Though never the case for regular UPS/FedEx shipped items, on rare occasions with large freight-delivered items, there may be an additional charge if and only if a special interline carrier is needed to access a remote location. These occasions are extremely rare, but if this happens, we will notify you and get your approval for the extra charge before shipping your order.